June 18, The photo discussion. Live or dead.

June 18, The photo discussion. Live or dead.

Here’s what’s happening. It’s slow. Went out today and checked the regular haunts, albeit on the incoming tide. Headed to Breaking Rocks to look for some mackerel and zero boated. Checked the Mouth and the Flats. Nada. We saw a few schoolies being taken by the Icebreaker, especially on the fly, but the blitzes of the last few days were not seen by any of the regular clan.


Now we have some fans and some foes here on the report. Sure the report is interesting, but we usually post pictures of fish being weighed in. We’ve done it for 50 years. Of course that usually means these are dead, and a lot of our customers practice Catch and Release. Steve Kerns asked why we don’t post released fish. We just don’t get to see them, though we’d love to post them, especially in this age of the downturn in fish stocks. So, if you want us to post your Catch and Release fish, e-mail them to: stickman@surflandbt.com


Stickman is the resident web design guy at Surfland. We pay him in eels.

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