August 9, Lots of keepers around

August 9, Lots of keepers around

Lots of decent fish weighed in over the weekend. Lots more caught and released (send your photos of C&R to and I’ll post them)


Liz Wyka (proudly wearing a Mackerel Tee) Caught: 8/8/09 7lbs. 12 ozs. BoatSteveJohnKaine

Steve & John Kaine, Reading, MA, Boat
About 8am at the turn of the tide.


Hunter Currier (grandson of Russ Currier, a striper fishing legend) was out fishing with Uncle Russ, Boat, Mackerel:Live and dead, 26-6, 23-2, Fishing in the mouth area. After the turn of the tide

Jeremy Belanger, Boat (with the Curriers), 18-4


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