53 Pounder Today !!!

53 Pounder Today !!!

At 2:30 this afternoon, Fred Skaff and son, Fred weighed in a 53 pound, 2 ounce (53 inches) Striper caught on live mackerel at high tide fishing from their boat in the Merrrimac River. Kay is quoted as saying “the mackerel must be here and the big fish have followed.” And guess what…the mackerel are here. The charter guys are finally finding mackerel. Some are at Breaking Rock, Hampton Shoals Ledge, and also try Speckled Apron. But for you boaters, get up early and go out for some mackerel and then hit the incoming tide in the river over the next few days. But as always on a weekend, the river will be crowded so keep your wits about you. Drift, get in line, and above all be  nice!


A few hours before the Skaff’s brought in their fish  Matt Twomey from Amesbury, MA brought in this 23-8 pounder that he caught down along the oceanfront towards the jetties. Matt was fishing with a 1/2 ounce buck tail jig using 8# line when he managed to hook into this long lean fish. It was right at half tide during the incoming that this fish took the bait!


Steve LeBlanc from Groveland also just in this afternoon. Steve was fishing under the PI bridge area during the outgoing tide and caught this 15-5 pounder using seaworms.


Also to note are two other fish that were caught earlier in the week. On 6/16, Ashley Rennie from Portsmouth NH caught her 12 lb striper using clams at the mouth of the Merrimac an hour after low tide. When the water turns and begins to flow again it can be a very productive time. Remember that! Never give up at the bottom of low tide, always wait for the turn of the tide.


And on 6/15 John Healy was fishing Sandy Point when he landed this 13-1 pounder on worms.









Liz Cowie
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