6/16 – Big Fish Back

6/16 – Big Fish Back

Big fish are back. Jae So just arrived to buy some more mackerel and his the surf again tonight. He was out last night and caught this 50″!!! We weren’t open (sorry Jae) for him to weigh in the fish, so he sent us a picture. Jae So is from Springfield, MA and arrived here to fish the outgoing tide. However he did his best during the start of the incoming tide, as you can see. Nice fish Jae!

Jae So

Today in the store we had Brandon Quinn (13) visiting from CA. He and his family are staying with the “infamous” Russ Currier on the island before he leaves for Okinawa, Japan where his father will be doing a tour of duty for the Marines. Russ took them out in his boat today and live lined Pollack (that they got early in the am) inside the mouth of the river and Brandon caught himself a 10-11 and a 14-9 pounder. Congrats Brandon and have a safe trip.


Bob Dunbar from Newburyport got this 11-8 in the Plum Island River using a lure


Also had camera shy David Lee from Concord NH in with a 23-12 that he got at the Jetties.

And then Don Wong from Hudson, NH caught this 13-2 from the surf


And just now David Miele from Merrimac, MA came in from his boat with this 26 pounder that he caught trolling a parachute jig inside the river.



And as promised here are the pictures of the fish, sorry they are not shad, but Alewives, that Billy Page caught from the beach this morning. He was just in with his father and they are catching them again tonight.

shad 6.16.1

shad 6.16.2

shad 6.16



Liz Cowie
  • joe jackson
    Posted at 10:13h, 17 June

    kind of a bummer to see all these fish taken. catch and release please!

    • ekelly
      Posted at 05:24h, 19 June

      NICE to see so many nice fish being caught….
      Congratulations to the fishermen for a great catch! MMMMM Yummy!

  • sully
    Posted at 12:38h, 18 June

    That’s good cuz Joppa was micro bass dink city Sunday morning.

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