The last few days have been up and down as far as the bass are concerned. This past week, Wednesday seems to have been the best day the guys had. Chris, a local guy said it was one of the best days he has had so far.

Friday evening, Ken Gage (AKA “Rubberband Man”) from Goffstown, NH, weighed in this 12-13 striper.  Ken fished Sandy Point with sea clams.


So far this up until Saturday night, no larger fish caught, just lots and lots and lots of schoolies.   Billy Page fished the oceanfront sandbar at sunrise this morning.   He caught 7 fish.  2 were stripers( 1 schoolie 1 – 31″), 5 were shad (picture to come)!  He had a Red Gill teaser ahead of a Kastmaster.  All 7 fish were caught on the teaser.

***But last night we had the luck of the Irish here. Tommy Kelly is in the store and gave us this report of what his fatehr and brother are doing. They went out and fished the oceanfront with worms .Nothing happened for them until the turn of the low tide. When the water started moving and the tide started coming in they started hitting fish………nice fish.  A lot were in the 15 pounder range with one that was about a 20 pounder. It’s not a great picture, but here is Ed with one of their catches

Kelly 6.16

Then this morning Andy pulled in this one that was about 15 pounds

Andy Kelly 6.16

Sorry to say that we have not have hardly any reports on flounder. And mackerel??????? forgetting what a fresh one looks like. Heard they are hard to come by in any quantity.

***** Side note:

Lost: Tsunami Air Waves 11′ Rod with a Shimano Spheros 18000 attached. Last seen being dragged into the river by a fish. If found or caught please contact Shawn @ 508-361-4382. Thanks

(Keep those drags loose!!!)

Liz Cowie
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