7/25 – Weekly Report

7/25 – Weekly Report

Pogies Pogies Pogies

The amount of pogies out front along the ocean this year is incredible. Up and down the coast we have heard from many  fishermen in from many different places that the size of the pods are massive. The sightings of small whales, big tuna, and stripers feeding on these baitfish are numerous. But if you are in it to catch a big striper you may have to have an abundance of patience. They are there, they are not there. That’s the story everyone is telling. Nothing under this pod, move to another and you’ll find the bass. Not promising that you’ll catch one. The fish are full. But we have had a few guys, like John Noonan from Amesbury. He hooked into this  46 1/2 ” fish fishing with live pogies from a boat yesterday. The fish weighed in at 36-8 pounds.

36-8      John Noonan     46 1/2″

From Facebook we had Joshua Najem and Ryan Graves send us in some catch & release photos from the boats over the last week. Thanks guys, always great to see!

Yesterday afternoon in the rain, big schools of fresh fish covered in sea lice right along the Plum Island oceanfront.  All 40+ inches. All released.
Pogie bite is hot. Wouldn’t hit with out them on a balloon. 2 hours into the out going. 44,41,38 . Extremely fat fish. Fought better then the 48 I got!

As far as this week’s beach action. It has definitely slowed down for some, but plenty of activity if you happen to be in the right spot at the right time. During this past rainy Monday evening, we had a young fisherman in that had just been on the beach fly fishing from the little set of rocks we have out front which is called a groin. He had a ball catching schoolies on his fly rod. And then we had another fisherman come by to tell us that he had done well fishing the southern end of the island, also fly fishing. Maybe it is time to try fly fishing!!!

Okay back to fishing from boat or kayak. Joppa continues to produce a lot of fish. High tide is the right tide to troll around that area with a tube-n-worm or other lure of choice. We have been told that there are again a lot of undersized stripers that have also moved into Joppa that are busy sucking down those worms that are at the end of the tube! But Here Gabriel was lucking enough to catch a keeper over the weekend! And with another round of morning and early evening high tides it is gearing up to be a great weekend! See you on the island!

Gabriel Gonzalez    12-7 lbs        33 ”    Joppa Flats

Liz Cowie
  • Anonymous
    Posted at 02:43h, 26 July

    to John, Boat fish don’t count. love Kevin

  • Peter Timmins
    Posted at 03:24h, 28 July

    Hey, I’ve a solution for greenheads, get up on plane! Nice fish John, bet it was a beautiful time on the water. Peter

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 17:08h, 28 July

    Great catch John!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 14:57h, 29 July

    Dooes a school of pogies have stripers with them if you see them jumoing and splashing or do they do this anyway? I was throwing lures into them towards the end of the jetty in salisbury but no bites even though they were jumping all over the place. No birds with them either.

  • Rkk
    Posted at 20:15h, 29 July

    Jumping Pogies means Rhett are just fuing!!! They won’t eat when they F!!!

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