So looks like the tide has turned, literally. You know how it usually goes around here, high tide along the oceanfront, low tide in the river. Well not these past few days. Low tide along the oceanfront  has been the place to be. Maybe it is because it been right before, during, and just after sunrise and sunset? Maybe because of the amount of bait fish out front, maybe because of the full moon. Whatever the reason, we have had some fishermen turning their frown upside down!

On Friday Mike Bombardier who is vacationing from Granby, MA brought in a fish to weigh in. He’s had the opportunity a few days this week to go out in the boat with the legendary  Joe Brotz who is a superstar when it comes to fishing the Merrimac. (Stickman did a story on him a few years ago and can be found in the archives). Anyways, Mike wasn’t fishing with Joe this day and hit the surf before sunrise. He walked the beach throwing a needle fish and was in the vicinity of parking lot 1 on the PRWR when he hooked into this 36 pounder during the low tide. Mike would like people to know that he did try to revive the fish but it just didn’t work. Mike also caught a few fish in the low 20 pound range that morning.


And then yesterday we had Charlie Ashworth show up with his keeper that he also caught along the oceanfront. Although a little north of us along Salisbury Beach and out of a boat, it was also during low tide. Charlie said there were tons of big fish in the water. Charlie was live lining mackerel to catch this fish.

Charlie Ashworth       27-8 lbs    42″
(yes! I got him to smile!!!)

Other news is that there are still some nice fish in Joppa and a lot of little guys. Maybe the change in the temps these last few days has made the fish a bit more active, but hopefully it is setting everything up for some spectacular fall fishing!

Timothy Eldridge sent us this picture last week on FB. Thanks for the nice catch & release photo!

Caught this one on Joppa Flats Friday night. 38” over 20lbs. Using eels

Another fisherman, Jonathan Fudula also sent us some nice photos and this information:

Hi Surfland. Here’s my first check-in, please feel free to share what you’d like. Thursday I fished low tide from The sound up to Gangway rock and played with a few schoolies on tube & worm. Then last night I hit the flats in the kayak and landed this 39”-25lber trolling an eel about an hour before high tide. Thanks to the good dude and lovely young lady behind the counter for the eels and magic rag. Until next time!

Jon Fudala Merrimack, NH

Tube-n-worm schoolie
Big Bass on eels

***Congratulations to all the people that were picked in the lottery for the drive on permits. 85 permits are being issued and a lot of the old gang got theirs this year. And with more beach available for drive on (cut off is somewhere near the old Camp Sea Haven) it should make for some great fall fishing. We are so excited to have you all back with us this summer on the island! See you all soon!!!

Liz Cowie
  • PI Local
    Posted at 10:30h, 20 August

    Gary and Mike (who I assume is contributing as one of the ‘Anonymous’ posters)

    Now can’t we resolve this conflict without anger?

    Maybe you should both take a trip to Applebees and hash this out?

    Everyone is out to try and have some fun and possibly fill their freezer. One view is not necessarily the correct one.

    Stay Classy Plum Island!

  • Mike Bombardier
    Posted at 12:53h, 20 August

    that was my first time to PI and my first time to Surfland consequently. I have to say the staff was top notch. Martha fixed my reel on the spot, and Craig is a great dude. Sorry for the rant. People that make false assumptions get me going. Thanks again surfland, joe, and plum island!

  • Irish Spectre
    Posted at 12:57h, 20 August

    Switching topics, I’m told by a highly reputable source that a dude caught (and released) a 32″ bonito last Thurs. night in Sandy Bay, Rkpt. Mackerel-sized ones were around in decent numbers late last season; I caught a few myself, but none that I heard of bigger than that!

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