Got this pig on a live pogy right in front of your shop, after a quick pic the fish was released and swam off strong.


In the shop this week also on Wednesday we had Craig Ninteau from Litchfield NH come in with this gutted 8-6 pounder that he caught using mackerel down on the southern end on the island. He was fishing the bottom of the outgoing tide when he caught his fish. Told us that the others he caught were small, in the 14″- 16″ range.

The next day, Butterfly Bill from Amherst NH came in from fishing clams on the river side of  the jetties with this 16-10 pounder. He also caught 3 other fish, all undersized on mackerel. Bill fished the start of the incoming tide about an hour after slack tide.

Then got a lesson from Andy on filleting…………………….

This morning, Craig here at the shop weighed in this 24-8 pounder caught by Tom Fornier of Salisbury. He caught this fish on clams on the front beach over in Salisbury right in the wash!!! See when we tell you that you don’t have to cast far……..the fish run the beach in close……….we actually do mean it!