A Fine June Continues

A Fine June Continues

Clinton Towle

Clinton Towle has been using eels to fish the beachfront over the last 2 weeks with great results. This one was caught Wednesday night.

He says, “Yeah we’ve been doing well for like 2 weeks on them. Just the pattern changes not the bait.”

Liz asked: pattern? You mean tides?

No like Wednesday night I wasn’t even retrieving them, I was just letting them do their thing in the current. Sometimes they want a faster retrieve and a twitch or two, that night we didn’t even touch em for awhile, just kept the line tight.

Ray Gallagher

River. Worth the wait.. dead low..31 inches worm

Mike Christopher

Hey Stickman,
Starship and J-Kid made their semi annual trip to the Merrimack this past Sunday. Lots of slot fish were boated and Starship kept one for the dinner table back in Vermont. Here are Mike C and Starship with a pair of 41 inchers and J-Kid with his new PB of 44 inches. All the fish except the table fare swam off strong after a short revival.

Tight lines,

Steve Zella

Hey Stickman,
My son Stephen caught a 24, a 30, and a 32 off the tip of sandbar going into the Merrimack River using clams sold to us at Surfland! This is a picture of the 32 that my 12 year old reeled in last night! We caught it like around 1 hour before 100% low tide …the magic hour baby! Great fishing!

Trip van Roden

Joppa Flats 30” Bluefish. Drifting the Chanel, using a top water Smack-It. A few bass were in the same area. Released him so he can live on.


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