A real hook bender, and more sabiki info

Dennis P. – Woburn

I caught this Huge Striper on July 30th at 10 am just outside the mouth of the Merrimack.
It measured 44 1/2″ and weighed approximately 45 pounds.

My ‘NetMan’ and Fishing Mentor is Richard J.
Our friend, Captain and photographer is Tony Page (the ‘Fishin Finatic’).
I caught this ‘Fish Of A Lifetime’ on a Penn Fierce III Rod & Reel I purchased at Surfland a few years ago because my brother Steven told me to.
I think you’ll like the video. It’s been viewed almost 2K times now.
Unfortunately I can’t share this awesome catch with Steven. He passed away a year ago. For me, I have dedicated this catch to my awesome brother, Friend and Fisherman.

Go Fish ! 😎

Sabiki Rigs, What are they?

After my rant about using sabiki rigs for mackerel I had a few folks ask what those were exactly. Well, its a string of little hooks that look sorta’ like houseflies. Macks love them, and you’ll often catch 5 or six at a time. You can use a big jig at the end to drop the rig down in the water. It’s okay, though, to use a standard lead weight. I’ve been using 2 ounces.

I also discovered this summer, loaned to me by Martha’s husband Jimmy, a special rod and reel just for sabiki rigs. It’s a hollow rod with no line loops. You reel the entire sabiki rig into the rod when you’re done. Keeps those little hooks nice and neat, and prevents the ever-lurking danger of “mackerel disaster,” when all the hooks get caught on the ferules of your rod. Messy.

Finally, if you want to be really clever, there are reels that have a depth counter on them. Then you know exactly how deep your hooks are in the water. If you’ve got a fish finder, you can coordinate your line depth with the fish depth. Genius.


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