After The Rain

After The Rain

July 20, 2021 Fishing Report

Before the rains, the fishing was fantastic, unreal, best ever. Since last week things have definitely slowed down some. The rains ( and what they have carried down river) seem to have had an impact on the fishing in the Merrimac River. So many fishermen from boats and surf have given vivid descriptions about the conditions of the river.

(See our post about the dirty Merrimack)

But, it is also very usual for things to slow down in Joppa this time of year when the warmer weather settles in and the water temps go up.

We have advised most people to fish the oceanfront this past week and avoid the river. Some have had decent luck, while others say it has gone a bit quiet. The last few days the fishing has been hampered by lots of mung weed along the shoreline making it difficult to fish. Some just said if you can manage to get the bait out a bit further the water was much clearer. Hopefully that all sorts itself out in the next day or so.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Reports are definitely still coming in and people are still catching fish, it just isn’t hot and heavy like it was. Give it a day or so but in the meantime here are some pictures of fish from before the rains (or at the start of them…) to keep you motivated…

All that said, just had retired Newburyport High School principal Mike Parent come in. He was fishing the oceanfront out of his boat yesterday. His words….”best day evah”!! Used live mackerel.

Fish Pics

Nick Petty

This fish crushed a live mackerel while trolling ocean front and took off screaming the drag on my (only half full) reel. Went on an aggressive run and pulled the drag until I was completely spooled while my buddy had to kick the boat in reverse, turn around, and chase after this fish so it wouldn’t snap the line. After a very intense fight that took around 8 mins was able to land her, 41 inch 25 ibs new PB lets go!

…and the moral of the story: Go to Surfland and get your reels filled with line!

(And a nice release technique too! -Stickman)

The Don, via Jillian.

The Don caught his first keeper this year. 10 hours at the point paid off. 29 inch’s


Tim Crow

Tim Crow sent us a beautiful night Tim fishing photo: “Love Plum Island and love Surfland Bait & Tackle”

James Adam-Lacrouse

James sent us these photos from a night out this week. James was fishing out front along the oceanfront from the shop. Using live eels he caught these two nice fish First one was at 8 pm the second one was at 8:30, like an hour before low.

Chris via Mark Nezballa

Thought this would be a good one for the website! My buddy Chris. We came down from NH. Plum Island Beach straight out from parking lot on N Resevation Terrace. Lightly rising tide this past Sunday. Clam chunk on #6 hook with 3 oz. weight. 37 incher. Too big for the grill!


First trip with a new hat…..Everyone needs a lucky hat !!

Tommy B.

Tommy B’s first surf casting striper last night on Plum Island! Merrimack River by Captains. 20 minutes before low on a clam bought at Surfland! Thank you for all your help!


Stickman is the resident web design guy at Surfland. We pay him in eels.

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