As the world turns

As the world turns

At least on our little patch of it here on Plum Island………………………..

Dear Surfland Customers,

First of all, a BIG shout out to all of you that have supported us this spring. You have overwhelmed us with your support of what was the start of daily sales that then lead into the creation of an on-line shop. Boy, have new appreciation for people that do this kind of work. Many hours have been spent getting product up onto the new site where we have carried over all the specials until we can reopen the front door. We still have a long way to go but it is a start!

Reopening Surfland?: And when is that people have been asking. Well it is “kind of” open. We have been here 8am-5pm everyday. We are doing the whole “curbside pick-up” option, the on-line shop, and call-in orders. And our phone has been ringing almost non-stop with people looking to place orders, gather information, or just to say ‘HI”. Thank you!

Parking: With ALL the parking lots being shut down on the island and signs posted along the boulevard and now the airport coned off we have been reluctant to get anyone too excited about fishing on Plum Island. We are hoping that the date of May 18th which Gov. Baker put out awhile back will stick and that you fishermen will be able to come and enjoy what you love to do……FISH! We will keep you posted as soon as we know more over this weekend or Monday.

Get Creative: We have encouraged fisherman to get creative. If you live close by maybe you could get dropped off for a bit, create a “canal bike” and bike down, or whatever else you can think of. We know it has been tough, but we are here for you and will be here waiting when we get some parking opened up.

Respect: And when the parking does open up we would like all of the fishermen to stay mindful of all the rules that for sure will be put into place. Be respectful of anyone attending the parking lots. Remember they are just following orders from someone else. Respect the rules of social distancing. Take all belongings and trash with you. We do not want any of our customers to be the reason things get shut down! Things will be a little different this season, but have some patience and we will all get through this.


Conservation: When the Newburyport parking lot at the mouth of the Merrimac River does open we are asking you to be mindful and respectful of another situation happening in the river. This past season more of the sand has been washed away due to storms. There has been a lot of erosion and damage done there. Some areas may be blocked off with ropes, fencing, boulders. Please adhere to the signs and respect what the people that live in that area are trying to do to protect their frontage. If you want to make your way to the jetties walk down the road near the playground and only use the accessible pathways that will lead you to the beach/jetty area.

PRWR: We have no inside intel here! Will let you know as soon as we do! As in the past, the beach south of parking lot 1 all the way to Sandy Point is closed anyways for the Piping Plover to do its thing. Sandy Point is also closed. Even though the gate is shut you can still ride your bike down or walk down. So again, if you like to fish lot one maybe you can get dropped off at the gate??? Like you did when you were a kid?

Reports: Again, have been reluctant to post much because of our parking situation but will begin today! So fingers crossed for some parking lots to reopen because the FISH ARE HERE!!! But the weather hasn’t been very cooperative. It might be a nice sunny day or mild weather where you live, but the wind has done nothing but blow down here most days. As one of the guys that made himself a “canal bike” said…..”it was the toughest bike ride he has ever done.” And that was just a 1-1/2 miles from his friends to the mouth of the river! Growing up here on the island….I can relate!

And if I can get my Starbucks now……………you should be able to get your fish!!!

Liz Cowie
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