August 15 – News from Joppa

August 15 – News from Joppa

Marin Connolly from Marshfield came in this afternoon with her brother Aidan. They are here fishing with Grandpa. The threesome headed out in the boat to Joppa this am for the high tide and the start of the outgoing. Marin caught this 8-9 striper at the top of the tide using a tube-n-worm. Aidan at the same time hooked into a big bluefish that measured in at 33 inches. Grandpa had his hands full for the moment. These fish are both headed for the grill. They had to head in shortly after that to make it into the basin where their boat is moored, not before telling us that Joppa has beed loaded with fish the last few days. Small stripers and big blues! Fish the top of the high tide and the outgoing.


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