August 26, The sun returns, hopefully the fish too.

August 26, The sun returns, hopefully the fish too.

While most of us were cowered in their living rooms watching reruns of Welcome Back Kotter for the last few days, the devoted ones still fished. Yesterday, when the wind was peaking at 44mph, and the rain was horizontal, one of our customers came in for a bag of clams. Kay was not just a little surprised. Two hours later he came back with a fat 18 pound striper. Caught it in the river by the Captain’s Ladies rip. Now that is looking right into the wind and rain. True devotion pays off.


Before the storm the stripers seemed to be on the beachfront and not in the river (or Plum Island Sound). Perhaps this big NE wind has got them back in. Your author will be out tonight with some eels to check it out. Hoping to avoid yet another late-night skunk.


We’ve asked for Catch and Release pics to add to our blog. Here’s one from Joe Sciuto, 39 inch catch and release slinging eels:



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  • Anguillaman
    Posted at 18:15h, 26 August

    Welcome back Kotter….I’ve been watching Andy in Mayberry.

  • DeadCiv
    Posted at 06:56h, 27 August

    On The Water report is also suggesting clams.

  • Philip
    Posted at 12:27h, 27 August

    Gone are the days when at night you could hear the menhaden schools being chopped up by bass and blues and the watermellon rind smell/slick wafting into the beach. High tide, low tide, slack tide it did not matter. Show up and catch fish.

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