August 8, lots of fish, and tuna to boot

August 8, lots of fish, and tuna to boot

This weekend is shaping up to be a good one on the island. Lots of fish both out front and on the flats. This morning there were mackerel out at the usual spots, kind of late in the season, but they were there. And the guys drifting them live in the mouth were hooking up with some cows. You’ll see from the photographs that it was productive. Flies and topwater spooks worked from sunup through 9 am, and that topwater action is really fun. On the flats there were tube and worm fishermen everywhere, and they were having a blast. One of our pals got 15 fish, most all of them around 28″. Another got a 30 pounder (released), and still another got his personal best 40″ bass. This is all the more interesting given that it is a straight up sunny and beautiful day. Come on down!




 Mike Sirios, Boat, livelining mackerel along the salisbury coast this morning, and Mike Shaheen fishing with him, 19.3lbs.






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