August 8 – Steve’s Report

August 8 – Steve’s Report

Hi Everyone,

Well it’s August, grind time….and by that I mean long nights and the possibility of some big fish. Unless you are looking to fish the early morning before the sun comes up or the last hour of day as it goes down, you really should be focusing your efforts after dark. Keep in mind too that water temps are pretty high this time of year, so fish typically move off into cooler, deeper water during the day and return to the beachfronts at night in search of a meal. The coolest water you are going to find right now will be along the beaches on the incoming tides at night, so you should be targeting those especially. Moon phase has also been very important this summer. The nights around new moon and full moon have both been productive in the past month. We have a full moon coming up in a little over a week, so plan on targeting tides around then for a shot at some fish. Keep in mind too that this time of year is not a numbers game, if we are hunting for big fish we may only catch one or two fish a night…..but those could be real trophies. The southern end of the refuge should hopefully be opening within the next few weeks as well, so there will be some additional spots to try in the near future.

Get yourself some eels, get out there after dark and work those beachfronts!!!

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