Bluefish in Paradise

Bluefish in Paradise

We had our first official bluefish weigh-in yesterday. We have heard about a bluefish being caught now and then but haven’t seen or quite remember what they look like! Reinaldo Giraldo a long time Surfland customer who is up visiting from Florida went out onto the south jetties yesterday for the low tide. During the first part of the incoming tide he caught this bluefish on chunk mackerel. The bluefish weighed in at 12-8 pounds. That is a nice sized blue! Reinaldo and his wife also said they also caught some small schoolies and well as saw others catching them. Hopefully we have some bluefish around now. Remember when we used to have these fantastic bluefish blitzes? Where’s Tom Barnes when you need someone to walk the refuge and find the blues???  Other reports this week of some bluefish have all been  from boats. One fisherman told us he was out along the oceanfront down in the refuge trolling when he caught some blues. Now that the oceanfront is open along most of the refuge start walking south and plug away and maybe you can run into some blues!

Speaking of bluefish…….Lee St.Louis sent us this picture and message the other day:

Cuz I’m a longtime Parrothead, figured I’d share a picture Jimmy Buffett posted today from Long Island Sound. Nice slammer blue!

Makes you want to sing!!!


Liz Cowie
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