Boston Dave has been slaying the hold over stripers on the fresh water side of the Amelia Earhart Dam in Boston. Here is Carl with one of the many fish they have caught over the last week or so. Dave calls us almost everyday with  little teasers of how they are doing. But this is a yearly event on the fresh water side of the dam. If you have a little boat like the “Bite Me II” that Dave puts in to fish the river or have some access from land then start your season with a little held over action!

The fish range from 15″-28″ in size…….they haven’t broken the legal size yet. They have totaled over 100 fish since they started the season.

Dave and Carl also say there are tons of fish on the saltwater side but they are not biting, they have herring to eat!

(remember………being on the fresh water side of the dam requires a fresh water license!!!)

We also talked with Ron Powers yesterday who said that he has gotten reports of stripers around red rock in Lynn. One reported to be 14″. Could they be here, just around the corner??? Here fishy fishy fishy!

Liz Cowie
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