Catch a Bass on a Mack – Mackerel’s Bucktail

Catch a Bass on a Mack – Mackerel’s Bucktail

The good people at Jeck’s Bucktails have done it again. Introducing the Limited Edition – Mackerel Bucktail! After loosing Mackerel this spring we were trying to think of a way to use his “celebrity status” to do some good in our little corner of our world. Then when we received our spring order from Jeck’s Bucktails we knew automatically who we would ask to create something of superior workmanship, something that would catch fish, and something that would catch the eye of our awesome customer base. Here it is……………… Mackerel’s Bucktail. ALL the proceeds from the sale of these bucktails will benefit the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society  (MRFRS). Most of you fish the waters of the Merrimac sometime during the season, so why not try Mackerel’s Bucktail and “Catch a Bass”!!!

There’s a new species of Mackerel in the area now…… orange Mackerel……what out fish!!!

***Thank you Jeck’s for your creativity, Ashley for helping me with the graphics, and to our customers. Your kindness to us over the last month has been touching. We thank you all!

**** Another exciting new edition also coming soon…………..stay tuned!

Liz Cowie
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