Century Rods

Century Rods

Ryan White paid us a visit last week and we were able to pick up a few more Century Rods from him. We are going to list what we have in stock and give you a bit of information about each one. The Kelly Boys all fish these rods and were implemental in us getting them here at Surfland. Andy Kelly is going to list what we have in stock  and give a little insight to the Century line.


11ft up to 5 ounces A powerful rod for those heavier plugs and jigs. At 11 ft this rod will throw a mile! (1 in stock) GONE!!!


Nor’easter with Kevlar

Great rods for fishing around rocks and jetties as the Kevlar adds durability to the blank. These rods our also more forgiving to those tricking fish landings encountered on rocks and jetties.

8ft up to 2.5 ounces. This rod would also be great for the kayak!(one in stock)

9ft up to 3 ounces.(2 in stock)

11ft up to 5 ounces. (1 in stock)



8’6″ 1/2- 2 1/2 ounce.  A great rod for those schoolies everyone has been catching. Perfect for those small buck tails!(one in stock)

10’6″ 1-3.5 ounce. An excellent choice for one who really wants to cast far! Great for metals!(one in stock)

10’6″ 2-5 ounce. Similar to the rod above but with more power and a higher lure rating.(one in rod stock and one blank in stock)

10ft 3-7 ounce (conventional) great for those large nighttime stripers! lots of backbone! This rod with match perfectly with the Release SM(star mag) casting reels that we have in stock. This would make a very light yet incredibly powerful setup. (one in stock)

9’6″ 3/4-3 ounce (one blank in stock)


This is one of our favorite lines of the Century line up! Great rods for swimming lures, sluggos, live eels, and anything else that typically doesn’t cast well. The Stealth rods are a much slower action than many other rods on the market. This slow action allows them to throw those non-aerodynamic lures much better than many other rods. These rods are also very sensitive allowing you to feel even the smallest bite! Don’t be fooled by the “noodle rod” appearance of these rods they have great backbone for those large stripers!

S1 9’6″ 1-4 ounce. (one in stock)

S1 11ft 1-4 ounce. (one in stock)

S1 10ft 1-4 ounce ( no built rods in stock. blanks available)

S2 11ft 2-5 ounce (one blank in stock)




Great light action rods ranging from 7-8ft. Great rods for shad! Or largemouth bass!

8ft  3/8-1 ounce would make a fun schoolie rod!(one in stock. blanks available)




Liz Cowie
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