Curious Visitors

Curious Visitors

There’s been lots of chatter about Pogies off Plum Island. As you know, when the bunker are in, they attract all sorts of rare-to-the-area creatures. This Bonito from the beach is one of those rarities. Maybe it tagged along with the menhaden. Either way, such a cool catch.

Back in the river, there were scads of bait off the Salisbury State Park at Badger’s Rocks. Plenty of birds, and a good selection of mid-30 inch fish just after the top of the tide.

I understand the whale and tuna-watching is busy too. With the water starting to warm up, the action is growing. Don’t blink during the video below, but just take a look at these jumpers. Nice Tuna, and might be a dolphin inside 3 miles of the island. Rumor has it that whales are eating krill by cruising the surface with their mouths open. Must be quite a sight.


Warren Perry

“Caught this morning at lot #1 of the Reservation, from the beach on a topwater plug.”

Pepperel, MA

The Secret Tuna Hunter

Caught a keeper tuna on Southern Jefferies. Saw tons of jumpers on the way home to the Merrimack.

Stickman’s Dream

All this tuna talk drove me to get up at 4am, and steer the boat to Speckled Apron a couple miles offshore from PI. The NW wind whipped up and I was underdressed, and getting bounced around pretty good in my 20′ center console. Froze may ass, and didn’t see anything. However, I asked .ai about what should have been out there. I only wish…


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