Day 1 – Van Staal

Day 1 – Van Staal

“No Limitations” describes everything about the Van Staal product line. No limits on where you can go, how big a fish you can hook or the amount of pressure you can put on it, and your equipment. With Van Staal, you’re always in control of the battle. . .

Most know by now that the Pure Fishing Family of businesses (Penn, Shakespeare, Berkley, etc) acquired Van Staal this past December. And just the other day we acquired some stock of VS reels. So to kick off our attempt to be more proactive in online selling (what choice do we have now) our first offer will be this:

With every purchase of a Van Staal reel that we have in stock we will fill it with Berkley X9 (up to 250 yds!). X9 is an ultra-thin line with high break strength, a 9 carrier line designed for maximum strength and casting long distance. Or if you prefer another line from the Pure Fishing family of lines we will gladly do that also as long as we have it in stock!

FREE SHIPPING ON THIS OFFER!!! *offer will continue as long as we have stock and until we can safely open our doors again! **Will need to call shop for this deal. We will be working behind closed doors.

VS X $719.00-$839.00 VS X Bailed $839.-949.00
Flame Green in 20#, 30#, 40#, 50#. Crystal in 30#, 40#. Low-Vis Green in 20#, 30#, 40#, 50#.
Free up to 250yds!!!

Other brands in stock include Berkley Nanofil, Fireline, Fireline Tracer, Big Game, Trilene XL. Spiderwire Camo & Invisi-braid. Stren.

Liz Cowie
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