day 18 – Got tail?

day 18 – Got tail?

25% SAVINGS on Fat Cow & Otter Tail !!!

So now that the offer was put out for bucktails you might want to chase down some tails to go with them. Since Uncle Josh had to stop producing pork rind due to supply, artificial pork rind has become the go to for adding a little extra “WOW” to your bucktails and other lures. We carry two brands in the shop. Fat Cow and Otter Tails.

Fat Cow Fishing

The newest member to our selection is Fat Cow. Fat Cow Jig Strips are durable and versatile baits developed using a unique flexible synthetic material. These trailers add strike simulating action and scent while maintaining their usefulness. Leave Jig Strips on your hook and use it over and over again. Spend less time changing your lure trailers and more time hauling in the big one. Retail $10.95

  • 40X Stronger than soft baits!
  • Perfect for bucktails, jigs, rigs, spinner baits, tubes, and more!
  • Won’t ever dry out or shrivel, can be used over and over.
  • Scented & UV Enhanced so fish can smell and see

Otter Tails

The first one we carried and found through customer recommendations was Otter Tail. Capt. Bruce started producing these tails in 2006 and since then has gained popularity with the fishing community. These nearly indestructible and scented tails come in a variety of sizes and colors. Retail $10.50

Plastic Tails

And for those of you that like to use the soft plastic tails like the ones pictured with the Jeck’s in the opening photo we carry a selection of them also! Here are some pictures for reference.

Again we hope that we are putting up deals that everyone is interested in and can take advantage of. Thank you for tuning in to our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Be Safe

Team Surfland

Liz Cowie
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