Day 2 – Al Gag’s Lures

Day 2 – Al Gag’s Lures


Al “Gag” Gagliarducci has a long history in the fishing industry. Famous for inventing the Whip-it Fish and Whip-it Ell soft plastic lures. Al Gag’s Whip-it products are one of our best selling spring season go-to’s. Today we received our spring order and thought why not let Al be our day two special deal. So the deal is buy 3 get 1 free. Again this offer will continue until we are able to open the doors again or until we run out due to the great deal. Also Al was the designer behind the famous Mambo Minnow which is a local favorite around here. So we are including the Gag’s Mambo Minnows and the Floating Rattling Poppers that we have in stock.

Will list some sizes and colors under each photo. Please call the shop to complete this transaction. Free item is the lesser value of the items you choose. And if you’d like to see more colors checkout Al Gag Lures website for ideas!

Whip-it Fish

3/8oz. – 5 oz. available in a variety of colors like, pearl, chartreuse, mackerel patterns, etc.

Whip-it Eel

1/2 oz. – 4 oz. available in a variety of colors like pearl, black, eel, black, etc.

Heads and Tails

Heads come in sizes from 3/8 oz up to 5 oz.
4″- 6″ and depending on the size they can come in colors like pearl, chartreuse, pearl silver, and a variety of mackerel colors, plus more!
Only Whip-it Fish replacement tails available.

Mambo Minnow 7″ & 5″

7″ – Org. chicken scratch, blurple, bone, black, parrot, herring, purple silver, white, pearl, etc.
5″ Olive back, white, blurple

Jointed 5″ Mambo Minnow

Couple of these 5″ jointed in black!

5″ Floating Rattling Popper

Green holographic, chrome, green & blue mack, herring

3.5″ Floating Rattling Popper

3 of these great little snapper blue lures in stock!

Mr. Bunkers with Rattles

3″ & 4″ left in a few colors such as bunker, holo gold or silver.

Again, since we have to have our doors shut there will be daily ongoing deals put up. Why don’t you start a basket with us and when you are ready to have it shipped or it is safe to collect we will have it ready for you.

Thank you for your support,

Team Surfland

Liz Cowie
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