DAY 9 – maRTHA LUBE YOUR REEL or do you?

DAY 9 – maRTHA LUBE YOUR REEL or do you?

30% off Lubes!

Time on your hands? If you do than today’s deal is for you! We know that many of you service your own gear. But, for those who are a little apprehensive, there are many things that you can check and clean on your fishing reel without going too far in. Cleaning your drags, adding oil to the bearings/line rollers, putting some grease on the main shaft. If you can open the side cover, you can add grease to the gears. Martha just doesn’t want to see too many reel come in all apart in a zip-loc plastic baggie!!! LOL. So today’s deals……

PENN Grease, Oil & Rod/reel cleaner

The Penn products Martha uses on Penn Reels. She primarily uses the Penn oil, grease, and spray. It is a medium weight grease and good for all types. It will adhere to the gears. Martha uses grease on the gears, main shafts, springs, etc. Oil on the bearings, line roller bushings/bearing, and on the roller clutch systems (aka instant anti-reverse mechanisms). Love the Penn spray! Every reel that is serviced gets sprayed with this. Martha doesn’t consider the rod and reel cleaner for use inside a reel. We spray it on rods and reels to clean the outside but more importantly, it adds a protective coasting/film on the equipment. It is okay if it gets on the line. Martha has recommended it to several charter boat captains and they feel that it helps protect their gear from the elements. Great for keeping on your work bench or boat too spray down your equipment after use. Rinsing your equipment after use is great but remember, water can also rinse away oils/grease. Important to add oil and grease on axles/main shafts, handle knobs, line roller bearings, and housing bearings.



Martha likes the Super Lube products on reels that require a lighter grease. We offer a selection of their products at the shop.

Super Lube® Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease with Syncolon® (PTFE) and Super Lube® Multi-Purpose Oil with Syncolon® (PTFE) are designed to protect fine parts from rust and corrosion. Super Lube® Multi-Purpose Grease and Oil will not wash off in water and salt water applications, making them the ideal lubricant to use on fishing reels


Cal’s Universal Reel & Drag Grease ~~~ Shimano Drag Grease

This formulated grease is specifically for fishing reels. Maximum corrosion protection, fortified with PTFE and polymers. Superior heat and wear resistance. Safe for all metals and common plastics. Reduces gear train friction for easier cranking. Use anywhere grease is applicable in any reel. Cal’s lighter grease(purple label) is marketed as an excellent grease for colder climates or when a lighter grease is desired. Martha says it’s a good grease on smaller spinning reels. The regular grease is a heavier grease, good for conventional and heavier spinning reels.

Martha likes the Shimano Drag Grease for the gears on conventional reels and spinning reels. Sometimes the heavy greases can be to thick on the main shafts, causing the reel to seem sluggish. She will use the heavier drag greases on the HT Drag, Carbontex, and felt drag washers.


van staal service kit – do it yourself!

Van Staal peeps – we have 2 of these and at 30% off it’s a first call first claim scenario!


the applicator!

Great applicator for the Penn oil or your favorite oil. The bottle that the oil comes in is not handy to use when applying oil to tight spaces.


salt-x – cleaner and remover for fisherman and fishing equipment

Anyone who spends anytime fishing saltwater knows the amount of damage that the salt can do to your tackle. When saltwater gets on a surface the water evaporates BUT the salt doesn’t. The salt remains behind and forms crystals that just build up on your stuff. These crystals can start a grinding “sand like” action on gears and bearings. Then you all know what happens next………stuff gets hard to crank and worst case it all freezes up! This non-toxic, environmentally safe, won’t damage your line rinsing agent is a great product to keep on your boat! This stuff REMOVES SALT!

Bumper sticker included with every order!

Remember…………..ALL deals good until we reopen, run out of stock, can’t get it for you, or simply stated “one day only”!

Thank you all! Team Surfland <*)))><

Liz Cowie
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