Welcome to all the fishermen that got their drive-on permit! So glad to have you back for another season. This was one of Kay’s favorite times of the year, welcoming all of you back to fish Plum Island shores. With the opening of parking lot 2 the other day it gave way to the opening day of drive on to not be altered. With more beach to travel than the last few years some of the old favorite holes can be visited once more to see if they hold the big fish like in years past. See you all over the next few days and into the fall season!


But before the opening of the beach this week we had some action early on. I had many reports from some of the fishermen that they had some great fishing Monday and Tuesday, but then it went quiet for them towards the end of the week. Others have reported that there seems to be more small fish in the area. Parking lots 1 & 3 have been producing small stripers for a lot of guys off and on all week. The seaweed that rolled in with the northeast wind at the beginning of the week seemed to accumulate at the southern end of the island more so than the northern end so most guys stayed from lot 3 north.

Reports are that a pod of common dolphins came in and have scattered the pogies we had out front. It has also made it more difficult to find the schools of mackerel. Not saying they won’t return but for now both are scarce. So maybe the bass will start to get a little bit “hangry” and get more active along the oceanfront with other baits.

Now lets talk bluefish. Does anyone remember what they look like??? Well kind of like this. So there have been a few reports. Brendan walked the beach the other day and saw some boats catching some fish not far from the beach at the beginning of the refuge area so decided to do some casts there. He caught one bluefish about 12-15 pounds and then lost another. He saw that the boats were doing well on them. Another two reports we got is that they are up off of Hampton, but from the boat. So maybe, just maybe we will see some bluefish action this year. Would be nice, they are a great fish to fight on the end of the line!

Liz Cowie
  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:50h, 01 September

    70’s and 80’s the blues were thick. You almost had to stop due to arm fatigue . There was a regular bunch that showed up to fish most days. John was a store detective at sears, we both worked nights , fished mornings. But these are the good ol days, but so we’re those !

  • Kirk
    Posted at 15:55h, 01 September

    Steal leaders for the blue fish!!!

  • Kirk
    Posted at 15:59h, 01 September

    Keep your fingers away from those teeth! Look after any young fishermen in your presence.

  • Mark Walsh
    Posted at 17:19h, 02 September

    Was wading off Dennis Ma late eighties catchn 13# bluefish every cast until they started attackn me jumping outta the water after my shiny penn reel.believe that same year Seabrook beach was attacked and people were bitten.

  • Kirk
    Posted at 18:15h, 03 September

    A black 12 inch fin was spotted off the refuge at lot one and the ranger came by on a quad and told everyone. Those swimming got out. We are thinking , perhaps one of those common dolphins? No fish caught today but it was an awesome day , Thank you God!

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