Eeling Tuesday Night

Eeling Tuesday Night


Boat fished last night incoming for 2 hours, and 2 hours outgoing at the south of the Plum Island. I trolled the giant eel (15″) about 1mph, and casted pencil-sized eels (7″) towards shore. Got my first fish in 30 seconds on the pencil in 8 feet of water. Then nothing but a few tepid hits until just after high tide. There was tons of bioluminescent stuff in the water, like little fireflies behind the trolling motor.

Then I had the most marvelous fish spooking of my career. With no warning, a school of bass surrounding my boat for 15 yards blasted out of the water. I mean blasted! They all jumped halfway out like dolphins, twice in about one minute. Ten seconds later I picked up a 36” striper on the tiny eel. My camera croaked last night, so no photo. Released the fish and got back to it.

And like that, they were gone. I couldn’t find them again.
When I finally brought in the big trolling eel, it was pretty scarred up, so at least some fish took a lick at it, but no hookups.

I grabbed a few more small fish before I ran out of eels, and the SE wind, which was forecast for 1mph, jumped up to 12mph in a couple of minutes. I bugged out for a rocky ride home. And with no moon, onshore breeze, outgoing tide, getting back into the river mouth was a scare fest. I was happy to get past the Captain’s Ladies dry and safe.

– Stickman


Stickman is the resident web design guy at Surfland. We pay him in eels.

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