Eels at night, always right!

Eels at night, always right!

We keep telling you that the fish are still here yet no one goes fishing once it goes below 50 degrees. We have a small group, a very small group of fishermen that are still out there putting in the time and effort in their quest for stripers. Two such fishermen are John and Joe. They have been having a great time down at the southern end of the island.This weekend was especially good because of the way the tides fell. They have fished the southern end from sunset into the first part of the night, which for this week fell on the top of the incoming tide and through the turn of the high tide. John said it’s all been on live eels, plugs haven’t been working for them. Which is a total opposite of the morning and daytime action where a lot of plugs are being used with success. John said at first it was all small fish. Schoolies suckingdown eels as big as themselves. Then the bigger fish started showing up after that. The striper pictured here was not the biggest one caught. The got a few in the 20 pound range as the night progressed. You’ve got 1-1/2 weeks left before night fishing ends down the refuge. Make it count! (after 10/31 night fishing is no longer permitted) After that it is daytime fishing only.

John’s fish weighed in at 13-12lbs . Length 32 -1/2 “.


Liz Cowie
  • Kirk
    Posted at 21:30h, 21 October

    Coming down on tuesday could be our last trip, time to hit the deer woods. We don’t care about the temps but could you calm the seas? Ha ha that was the work of that other guy , the king of kings the prince of peace.

  • Kirk
    Posted at 19:27h, 23 October

    Made it down, ocean was pretty flat, first hour, then east wind kicked things up. No fish caught but the girls got some walking in. Rain stayed away. Maybe, just maybe one more trip down to fish. Then the winter trips are for walking and longing for spring in hopes that the Lord provides yet another season. Beautiful part of the creation that Plum Island

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 06:30h, 24 October

    Got into some schoolers on Tuesday between lot 1 and 3. Had to work/wall for them!!!

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