End of the season – HELL NO!

End of the season – HELL NO!

We have seen a slow down in fishermen these last two weeks but the few that are fishing are still catching! In fact this past week has had some nice action. There have been fish big and small, keepers and not, and even a few juvenile blues. Just to prove it here are some pictures. First off is Plum Islands on Ken Cmar who sent us in this photo at the beginning of the week. The man knows how to take a great photo!!

Still some fish out there. Parking lot 6 right before high tide on a plug.

Vermont has been well represented on the island this month. Here are just  two of the Vermonters that sent me pictures before the storm. They had a blast catching some small fish. All caught on seaworms. Fished for several days until the northeaster blew them back to VT to shovel snow!!

William Drzyzga from Essex Junction VT.
John Groff from Barton VT.

Then an email came through from Federico Larco for Martha yesterday. Federico Larco  fished Friday night. Although he only caught the one fish there has been others fishing that have done extremely well this past week.  A lot of it during the top of the incoming tide which also happened to coincide with sunset. This combination this past week made for some great fishing!!!


Thanks for selling me some juicy select worms! Caught at 32” Striper off lot 3 area at approximately high tide. This was the only action I experienced having started fishing around 5pm and having caught the fish around 8:30pm. No other action to be seen. Did also throw plugs, needle fish, tins… etc with my St Croix, but nothing was interested in any of that. Had the beach to myself. Being new to surf fishing (having only started about 2 1/2 yrs ago), this is my first legal fish from shore. Super pumped. Here are a few picks.

Enjoy!! Federico

So with the end of October coming to a close, we also would usually be coming to a close. But if the fish are going to hang out a little longer so will we. However there are a few dates at the beginning of the month that we cannot be open for so check the website or Facebook for notifications. But for now we will see how the first week or so goes in November!!! 

This weeks hours shall be:

Monday- Friday 7am-6pm       Saturday 6am-6pm             Sunday 6am – 3pm.

Keep Fishing, Team Surfland

Liz Cowie
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