end of the season….or is it?

end of the season….or is it?

Sure this week seems to be the end of the season for us on our little stretch of beach. The weather over the weekend was nice enough outside, but with the tropical storm that passed of New England it made for a rough surf and also sent some weed that hampered some fishermen depending on the spot they chose. And this weeks weather is certainly putting a damper on things but is it really the end? Not so sure about that! A few fishermen have been out and some have been skunked whiles others are still managing to bring in some small fish. AND…..as a reminder…..we have a full moon coming up on Halloween night so don’t put the tackle away just yet. And remember it is the last week for the drive-one so we will have some worms and clams still available for those that want to bait fish.

Captain Quentin from Eureka Charters (Boston Harbor fishing at its finest ~ great present for yourself or from someone else if you’ve ever wanted to try fishing the “Harbah) was in the shop yesterday and informed us that the word from some of his friends in Maine is that there is fish still up there being caught so they need to swim by us on their journey south. In past years we have known some guys that have fished all the way to Thanksgiving time and caught small schoolies. As usual that all depends on the weather we get for the next month. We have certainly been very fortunate this fall in that department. The last few years have not been very good around here for the fall due to storm after storm after storm hitting us along the shoreline or out at sea and sending “crap” our way. So when we have so many customers comment that they have had the best fall they have had in years it is so nice to hear.

Here is some info from this past week:

Dave Lavoie was down this past Friday and was back at it catching this nice 37″ bass.

Another e-mail we got from Brian this weekend and also word from a few other fishermen that they were still catching some schoolies on Sunday at the southern end of the island. Brian just left the shop and is heading out today for the afternoon to give some casts. Maybe he will report in after.

So I had read the current fishing report of all the schoolies and decided to head on out. Worms always seem to work for these little hungry guys and today was no different.  Caught 11 of them all very solid healthy fish. Going early always has advantages check out the sunrise (today’ feature photo) and the little butterball who put up a nice fight.
Thanks to Surfland for always having fresh bait…. Brian from Hudson Mass

Chris (check out his PUKKA Surfland hat!, wonder who talked me into these??) working the fly at Sandy Point.

So Since the weekend we have been fairly slow at the shop as far as fishermen heading out but today we got a a couple reports from Mike (who was also down the cape yesterday and got some fish) and John. They were at the southern end of the island and got about a half-dozen schoolies each using metal. Another group has just headed out to see what they can catch. Also just had a few bait guys in who caught some little ones on clams and worms. Just a few, but hey better than none!

It has certainly been a fall of interesting action. Just the amount of baitfish that has been in our waters is very encouraging. Mackerel outside the mouth with bonito mixed in, Schools of pogies along the oceanfront and inside the rivers (that are keeping our local seal population fed), baby bunker, silversides, baby bluefish, and the list goes on. Birds were again working Joppa one fisherman informed us a couple days ago. Heck, even hearing of pollack being called in the Gloucester area. Years ago the pollack fishing off the beach in the winter used to be fantastic. Maybe it could happen again? Who knows, it feels like the possibility is there.

So, as many of you know we usually change our hours once again at the start of November and we are usually open only on weekends, but this year we are going to try something new. It seems we have a lot of guys interested in fishing a bit longer this year or some are following the fish south. So because you have been so incredibly supportive of us this year we would like to be in the shop more, just not behind closed doors doing repairs and bookkeeping and other things. Plus with the word on the street that people are shopping early for the holidays to avoid the rush we would like to offer up more shopping time for those that are “keeping it local”. Plus it would allow us to have extra time in trying to find items that are not in stock. So too accommodate we are stocking up on all the fan favorites in the clothing department, the heavy sweatshirts that are great for the cold winter ahead, the cold weather hats, some Spirit clothing for the ladies to help the guys shop (LOL), and a few new items that will be available in the shop! Stuff is showing up all the time with the bulk fit arriving over the next 2-3 weeks so stop by when you get a chance to and have a look. We are also stocking up on fishing gear (rods, reels tackle, etc) when it becomes available…because who knows what this winter will bring with the supply chain. This summer was a disaster on some items like sand spikes and circle hooks, but we worked hard to keep what we could in stock so everyone had a variety of tackle to choose from. It was hard but I think we did a pretty good job on it. (yes giving ourselves a pat on the back here!!!) So come down….visit, drop off winter repairs, and maybe do some shopping……we will be here for you. And in December we will be offering more extended hours leading up to the holidays, but let’s take it one month at a time!

November Hours

Mondays 9 am – 5 pm

Tuesdays (by appt)

Wednesdays (by appt)

Thursdays (by appt)

Fridays 9 am – 5 pm

Saturdays 8 am – 5 pm

Sundays 8 am – 3 pm

*If these times do not work for you we will gladly make arrangements for another day and time (because we are around a lot and live on island). Leave us a message on the answering machine and we will get back to you, call when we are here to make an appt, or send a message via email (surfland1960@icloud.com), Facebook, or Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we can to make arrangements.

*** But we are still open everyday this week and the November hours will take effect on Monday November 2nd!!!

Check out Eureka Charters here. Great gift ~ Great Guy!


Liz Cowie
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