Plum Island Shoot – Ed got style!

Plum Island Shoot – Ed got style!

Okay we will admit, the weather hasn’t been the greatest for fishing lately, or has it??? The fish are still here! What’s a little rain, wind and sand in the face? Are you going to let that stand in your way? Okay, the high tides did make it tough to drive onto the beach for the buggy guys, but what’s your excuse? Ed Kelly doesn’t have one and that’s why he was out fishing yesterday after work. Ed sent me this photo of his gorgeous leg and a schoolie that he just caught. Just look at that beautiful, little fish! (focus on the fish people!) . The Isle of Plum is bubbling with activity!

Ed sent me this text along with the picture:

“This is one of the little fish that were everywhere yesterday, in the afternoon as the tide came in. They were everywhere , you couldn’t miss.  Not big, but fun Lot 1”


Warren, another one of Kay’s regulars also came down early yesterday morning to fish the river and got skunked. BUT, Warren then met up with some friends and fished the morning incoming tide along the oceanfront and they ran out of worms. What a day some of these guys had. There are tons of little fish all over the oceanfront. If you like to fish bait pick up a few worms or else throw some small stuff like metal, soft plastic, and little swimmers. Come down with light tackle!

And let’s not forget about the big ones that are still roaming around the area. Monday, Chris Mitchell caught this 22-8 pounder down in Manchester from the surf using a Hopkins on the end of a sabiki rig from the surf. Go figure!


Okay, back to Plum Island. Others, not just Warren and Ed have been fishing the front beach these last few days and are having a blast. There is a little rain in the forecast off and on over the next few days,  and slight wind with Sunday looking fabulous (just like Ed’s leg) but that shouldn’t stop you from coming out and enjoying fishing Plum Island. And as we all know, the weather forecast changes at any moment. Who knows……could be sunny and 70’s by this weekend. (that’s wishful thinking) But regardless of the weather (the fish are already wet, they don’t mind!) we hope to see you out here!

***Just a note for the drive-on’s. This is the last weekend for driving on the beach with the buggy. Officially it ends the last day of October which is Monday. If you are planning on going out and need some worms can you give us a shout today. We need to order and this is where it becomes tricky. How many to get versus getting stuck with a lot of worms. Plus we want to see  you guys one last time here before you have to call it quits for driving on Plum Island.


Liz Cowie
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