Fish Still Here

Fish Still Here

Sorry folks. Was away for a few days so didn’t get a chance to post anything but we haven’t exactly had the best of weather to fish (well for most) until yesterday. The stripers are still here. Yesterday morning one fisherman came in after catching daybreak and said he got a lot of small schoolies fishing around the shore down by the Captain’s Party Boats. Nothing big but he was pleased. Brendan fished Friday sunset until about 8 pm along the oceanfront by the shop and caught some schoolies and one keeper sized bass. He was throwing needlefish, swimming lures, and then the trusty eel at dark. And then just now Mike Parent came in from fishing the southern end of the island and reported that he caught a bunch of schoolies up to 20″ . So the storm hasn’t scared off the fish so we hope that it hasn’t scared the fishermen away. Still plenty of fishing left to do!

The one picture I have from around here is of the cruise ships that took to Ipswich Bay for safe harbor against this latest storm. Crazy stuff!

Have no other local  pictures but can share a few photos of where I was this past week. Have family visiting from Scotland and took them to Nantucket. Got stuck an extra day due to the storm, but got out Friday and back to this island!

Sunday – off to Nantucket
Found some fishermen
The Harbor
Mist rolling in Monday early evening
Good morning Tuesday
Madaket Beach Thursday.
(not going home today!)
The Day After
Until next time!!!
Heading home – A wave to Jimmy (Martha’s husband) as we pass him on the ferry route heading to Nantucket to see his family!
Liz Cowie
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