Fishing has Gone to the Dogs!

Fishing has Gone to the Dogs!

Even a dog can have a great day fishing! Brady and Darla decided it was time to take the folks fishing. They wanted to get wet in the waters of the Plum Island River. John and Luca are seen here with their catch of a schoolie in the 28″ range. As you can tell it was high tide! But they caught their fish at the turn of the tide just as it started to go out, They used a soft plastic bait to catch this striper. Brady and Darla made sure that this striper didn’t give them any trouble! Thank you to Justin, the bro, for a beautiful picture of the family and their catch!

We have had fisherman tell us there is tons of fish all over the Plum Island River, the Plum Island Sound and over towards the Ipswich side as well. Tough for you fisherman that have to hoof it (unless you have or know a secret walk in spot), but if you have a boat or kayak or inner tube there is no reason why you are not out there fishing. Sure it has been a little cold, but suck it up! The season is upon us.

***SHAD FISHING………….what a day for shad fishing. Eric Roach reported to us that he caught over 40 today. Incredible!


Liz Cowie
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