FRESH MACKEREL – Get them while they are fresh!

FRESH MACKEREL – Get them while they are fresh!

Everyone has been asking about the mackerel. Well we finally have managed to get some in for you bait fishermen who like to fish chunk mackerel. And now that we have a few mackerel around, it would be a good time to start using some lures with some mackerel prints. What a beautiful fish!

fresh mackerel

So here are a few of our favorite choices as far as mackerel printed lures:

mack lures 1 mack lures2 mack lures 3 mack lures 4

And, you know all the hype right now about using a teaser? Well, here is the original thing! Red Gill from the United Kingdom makes these little guys and that is what we used to sell 30+ years ago as a teaser! Try one !

mack lures


Liz Cowie
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