Gift Cards Available Online

Gift Cards Available Online

Yes, yes, we know. The shop is closed. BUT you can still order Gift Cards online, and we will get them to you via Email or the USPS. We have two types of cards, but you can buy both types at

Send a gift in an instant!

A great way to supply your favorite fisherman or woman. Use these Surfland Gift cards online at

Here’s how it works: When you buy the gift card, we send you an email. In that email, a button forwards the gift card to whoever you choose. You get to add who the card is from (you), and what day you want it delivered, or right away.

Your gift recipient gets a nice email with a secret code they can use at during checkout.

These cards are sent to you by EMAIL, and can only be redeemed at our online store:

Buy An Online Gift Card

Traditional Gift Certificates Redeemable At Our Store on Plum Island!

Here’s the simple method of giving your friend or loved-one a handful of cash. These gift certificates are mailed to you or some other lucky fisherman via the United States Postal Service.

Bring one to the shop and have a look around. We’ve got 60 years of fishing history, and WAY more product than we could ever put online.

Remember these certificates only works for our shop on Plum Island!

Buy An In-Store Gift Card

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