Finally after it seems like weeks we have sun shining today. The fishing has been a little slow this past week, but so has the amount of fishermen. The few that have come out in the monsoons have had mixed results. Again the boys from Surfland have hit the beach with eels and some nights they have done well and other nights, nothing! But that’s the way it goes. Here is a good example. We never here anything about the Salisbury oceanfront, never. But on June 30th Dan Blais came in to the shop and weighed in this 30 pounder that he caught from the Oceanside using mackerel. Go figure? Then we had Jeff Morrison in and he caught a 14-7 pounder from his kayak in Joppa using the old tube-n-worm. Joppa! We figured because we hadn’t heard much about Joppa that all the fresh water coming down the river had pushed the bass out into deeper water out the mouth. Guess we were wrong. And the last two days we are hearing of bass being taken inside the mouth from the boats by the guys that go out and find some of the few mackerel that are around, taking them in the mouth and live lining them. Our very own “Mugsy” took Andy and Tommy Kelly out yesterday and they came up with a few nice fish inside. So. I would say that the fish are back inside now.

Maine has fish! Charlie Hunt came in on the 2nd with this 32-4 pounder that he caught from the Kittery coast using mackerel.

Flounder…………….don’t know where they are. The locals are reporting very few and they’re not happy. It is the thing to do right now for these guys. They love their flounder and like to stock up on it. Unless you are keeping a secret spot quiet I can’t report anything on that front.

Bluefish……………we continue to hear about a few bluefish from the boats out front (and maybe a few blues in there too. Tommy has his mackerel bitten in half. .) No mass field of them, but if you get out and troll the oceanfront chances are pretty good of catching a few.

So I guess we are headed for a few scorching days which mean a few things. one, the fish might get sluggish, find holes to lay about in, or go deep in the mouth of the river or look for cooler water on the Oceanside. Be patient and try to find some of those holes. Second, get out the sunscreen. Even if it is a cloudy day! Whether you are on a boat (right Andy & Tommy?) or on the beach get covered!!! And thirdly, get covered because the GREENHEADS have arrived. Just had someone in the store buying some skin so soft products. And if the heat comes..so do the greenheads!

Here are a few pictures from this past week.

Dan Blais:

Dan Blais

Jeff Morrison:

Jeff Morrison

Charlie Hunt:

Charlie Hunt




Liz Cowie
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  • Jeff
    Posted at 10:40h, 06 July

    Wow Those fish look 5ft long!!!!!! 🙂

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