Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Here’s our #1 Dad, Billy in the shop wishing all the dad’s out there a Happy Father’s day. From the weekend here it looks like some of you will and have had a Great Day!

Even though a lot of outside activities for the dad’s will be canceled today there is still one activity that can be done in the rain…fishing! maybe you got a new rod and/or reel or some new lures to try. Come hit the oceanfront for the high tide and give them a try. The fish are already wet, they won’t mind, they like to play in the rain!

It’s all about the Bass now. The last few days have been incredible fishing. Since Thursday we have heard nothing but how good the fishing has been along the oceanfront and both mouths of the rivers, The Merrimac to the north and the Parker to the south. As with Thursday the fish were a hungry lot. Friday started off with Dave Savage from Leominster, MA with a 15-2 he caught along the oceanfront using an SP Minnow.


and later on more fish showed up. Mike Tompkins from Hudson NH and fished the mouth of the Merrimac and caught this 12-8 on “Kay’s magic worms”


And next came a fish out of Sandy Point. Chris Maciejewski from Lowell, MA used clams to catch this 23-12


Then we had Jacob Russell come in with a 17-12 pounder that he caught from his kayak.


Yesterday was a bit slower on the bite for a lot of people. But usually weekends can be a little tougher due to the crowds and the boat traffic coming in and out of the river. Just at the end of the day just before closing we had Arthur Em, from Lowell MA that had been in to get mackerel and went on the beach from at the center and returned shortly with this beautiful 26-12 that was headed for the Father’s Day BBQ!


Yesterday, was also a sponsored fishing day (along with other activities) on the Parker River Wildlife Refuge at Lot 1. Officer Chris said it was a great event and fun was had by all. Andy and Ed (Papa Smurf) Kelly along with Steve Moore (A few of Plum Island’s regular fisherman)  and others were there to help and teach families a little bit about fishing. They arrived early to set up and started the day by catching and releasing a few smaller fish and a 40 inch 20+lb fish (Andy) at the end of the outgoing tide and a 36 inch fish(Ed) fish, all on sea worms.

andy pi


*** checking in with Stickman he has told me that he hasn’t got any C&R photos or stories in a while. Please send us some so we can also post them!


Liz Cowie
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