Herring on the move

Herring on the move

I got this report from a little south of us from George Loring:


Greetings Fish People, what a beautiful day we have in store for us with any luck you can get out and  enjoy the weather. While you are out why not come see the fish. So far this has been the earliest we have seen Herring at least in the last 24 years. They came in on the outgoing tide yesterday and some have already made it up into Whitmans Pond. Phil and I were scrambling up and down the run yesterday afternoon replacing baffles and making sure the Herring could make it without any obstructions. We also have a great showing of Smelt who looked a bit confused seeing all the Herring in there area so early. The efforts by DMF seem to be paying off as we have a lot more Smelt than we have had in previous years. On a sad note I have heard we have poachers who hit the run early this morning behind Niko’s about 0500, how they find out so quick I’ll never know. So when you out and about keep a watch as they are bold and will try again I’m sure. Well I guess that is all for now.


Cheerio, George


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