Irish Hooligans on Plum Island

Irish Hooligans on Plum Island

This group of hooligans show up every year. Go fishing every year (hungover or not, but mostly hungover!). Keep coming back for more, every year! They come over to visit their friend Joe C. and besides drinking a lot they like to fish. They arrived Saturday morning to start their yearly outing. Joe C. got all the lads their own fishing shirts for the North Dublin Fishin’ Club and here they are looking spiffy in their new shirts. So with new shirts, bait, food, libations, and maybe a bit of the ole Irish luck, off they went to the end of the island.


All spread out and awaiting the bite…………………


Lars with the one and only schoolie caught…………….hmmm, did they forget to put bait on the hook?


They all have to be in the picture! What a group of hooligans!




But, we love that this group comes back every year! Look forward to their visit and hoping that someone has a bit of the Irish Luck in them and catches a big fish!

Liz Cowie
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