Joshua’s Tale

Joshua’s Tale

Joshua Johnston sent us in some pictures and little story from their time on the water Sunday. Nice little read with some good info! Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed your day!

     ***We went out sunday and the seas were rough. I went out and my girlfriend was getting sick and did not feel good. We started to get into macs and then my dad started to feel sick. I was the only one that wanted to stay and fish. With a livewell full of bass candy I knew that it would be worth it if we did. We put down the sabiki rigs and took out the bass rods and 10 minutes later my girlfriend had caught her personal best striper. 36 inches . 15 minutes later I hooked a wicked nice fish it went 41 inches. After striper fishing for only a half an hour and still a full livewell we left to find stable land. What a great day!

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Liz Cowie
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