July 10th

July 10th

     Sorry there has been no report for the last five days. But, we are obliged to tell you the truth. The fishing has slowed down some. Mind you, we are hearing reports from all over, there are plenty of fish around, they are just not biting with the ferocity like they were in June. There seems to be a massive amount of bait fish and their bellies are quite full.

     But, what we have seen and heard is this:

    A 9 pound bluefish was taken off the beach yesterday on a Rebel Jumpin Minnow. Another fisherman reported a large school of bluefish off the beachfront, but they were out of his reach.

    Saturday we had a 24 lb bass taken off the jetties on a tinker mackerel. There was also a 42 lb bass weighed in that was caught off of  Rockport during the early morning hours on live eels. Sorry we don’t have a picture of that one! Seemed to have a malfunction with the camera or the operator??? . Today we have weighed in a 17 lb bass taken from a boat using mackerel

Jarrett Everton


7/9/11- Surf

21-4 pounds

(first name?) Ostrander

Boat 17-8


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