July 15 Weekend Report

July 15 Weekend Report

Well, it is now Sunday night and it is now a quiet time in the store so I will tell what we have heard about the weekend. Again, the last few days have seen fish chasing baby herring up and down the beach. It has been at different times of the day, but with the majority being late afternoon/early evening. The difference now is that it is really getting hard to catch them. They must be getting quite full on the acres of bait fish that everyone has been telling us about. Walking the beach early afternoon today I saw birds darting back and forth just above the water, but not many diving. MAybe the baitfish were too deep. I didn’t see anything busting the surface. A few fishermen from the beach were casting in the direction of the birds but I saw no one hook up. The boats were congregated on the other side of the birds, but again, I saw no hook ups. That has been the action this weekend up until late this afternoon / early evening when on the guys came in to tell us that he got small bluefish down at parking lot 1 on the refuge. We do know that there have been small blues running with the bass, so at least these fiesty creatures are biting.
Joppa…………….the only action we have seen from this body of water is a few bass that the guys think are coming in on the incoming tide with the cooler water. Other than that….quiet. But with the July heat, that can be expected.
Flounder………again out of a boat in the mid thirty feet range is where we have heard of any action. It has been a very slow year from the beach for flounder.
This is a picture of the bait fish the stripers and blues are feeding on


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  • JEFF
    Posted at 08:18h, 16 July

    fished the mouth a few hours before high tide sunday. a few fish here and there.. sooo many sandeels. just too much bait in the water. fish are picky

  • Chris
    Posted at 08:50h, 16 July

    Fished for an hour last night from 7 to 8. Saw 4 blitzes in that time all within casting range. Connected twice but they were in the 20 inch category.

  • onelastcast
    Posted at 13:16h, 16 July

    Bluefish seem to be towards the top of the schools. I fished a white jumping minnow and got 3 blues on Friday evening. The guys next to me were throwing a crippled herring deeper in the water column and were getting nothing but bass. It’s awesome to still have this great fishing well into July!! Lets hope the bait sticks around….

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