July 2, A Day for Kayaking

July 2, A Day for Kayaking


     Chris Burke eat your heart out. Well, maybe not since you are touring Germany. (How’s the beer?) However, your friend Jason Rouba wanted you to know that he went out in Joppa in his kayak this afternoon for the high tide and caught this 28-10 pounder on a tube-n-worm. 

     Also had another fisherman in this morning to get some more clams. He was catching a lot of schoolies along the oceanfront.

     What are  you all waiting for??? Get down here and enjoy the holiday weekend. It is beautiful here on Plum Island. Or are you going to sleep the day away like our friend Mackerel?


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  • chris burke
    Posted at 17:19h, 02 July

    Well I have to say that i am very proud of my protege. even though he looks like his dog just got hit by a bus in this photo. Is that your “gangsta” pose jason or is it “Blue Steel”? wish I could be there but congrats. Skiing the Alps in July will dry away my tears. You are Tube n worm maniac!

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