JULY 23 – Practicing CPR (Catch-Photo-Release)

JULY 23 – Practicing CPR (Catch-Photo-Release)

Hi Everyone,

Been a little bit since I updated the site with some photos from the past couple weeks, plus I had a couple from late in June i’ve been meaning to share. This past Friday night I guided Jim Cooney from Danvers MA. Although the fishing was a little slow overall, I managed to pick off a low 30″ fish and a mid 20″ just after dark. Jim however, stuck a fat 37″ fish which was easily pushing 20lbs on a yellow mambo minnow. Jim chose to let the beauty back into the water after a few pics, way to go Jim!!

Jim 7_18_3

Jim 7_18

Lately, when I have not been guiding customers I have had the pleasure of fishing with some new found fishing friends. I have known of the infamous “Kelly Boys” for some time now but never really spent anytime fishing with them before this year. Ed, Andy and Tom are all very talented and dedicated fisherman and I feel like I learn a little something new every time I head out with them. Brendan from Surfland has also been joining us out there and putting in work, and boy was he rewarded big time this past week! The fishing has not been easy, it has been a ton of work actually. Long walks, late nights, chest deep wading, cold water, fog, waves, sweat, bugs, the list goes on…..but we have been rewarded.

If you want fish you have to work for them this time of year….you have to put in your time (and possibly a lot of it.) But if you do, you too will be rewarded….

Oh and all of our fish have been released healthy after a few pictures!

Brendan Wallace – 46″ 40+lbs

Andy Kelly 45″ 30+lbs

Double Header! Andy putting my fish to shame……

Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly

Ed Kelly

So there you have it…..clearly there are some big fish around. All of these fish were caught within the past month! Get out there and get yours!!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to setup a guided surfcasting trip.

Steve Gallant
Plum Island Surfcasting Guide Service

Steve Gallant

Steve is a hopelessly obsessed surfcaster and rarely misses a night of fishing.

  • Eric Roach
    Posted at 19:23h, 24 July

    Congratulations, and glad to see some let go to preserve what’s left of the suffering bass fishery.

  • Ekelly
    Posted at 19:56h, 30 July

    I personally feel that with what I am seeing with intense fishing is not so much a suffering fishery though I know that opinion is out there. I rarely run into other fishermen or at least in far lower numbers than ever. I can be out there on a prime night, perfect tide…..no one else out there.???????Fewer fishermen = fewer stripers caught = skewed stats. Just in my opinion.

  • Eric Roach
    Posted at 09:01h, 02 August

    Ed: I understand your viewpoint but disagree. If you get a chance, shoot me an e-mail.

  • Eric Roach
    Posted at 09:02h, 02 August
  • joed
    Posted at 09:28h, 05 August

    the best of the best are hitting it hard a consistently in the most productive areas and finding the downward trend over the last few years has taken a nose dive. this has been the case for the entire east coast. the only positive reports are coming from the fairly clueless.

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