July 29 Bluefish are around, bass on the beachfront

July 29 Bluefish are around, bass on the beachfront

We had a nice 32″ Bluefish weighed in at the shop yesterday. Caught on the outgoing tide off the South Jetty. That’s a beefy fish. We also had a report from a beach surfcaster that he had been fishing the beachfront all day and watched as some blitzes passed by just out of casting range, but he finally got a few bass on topwater when they got close enough.
Got a few photographs this week to share from our customers:
Hey Surfland Crew,

Fished the mouth of the river on the middle to end of the outgoing tide and pick up lots of bass and one blue, all on live mac’s. Mac’s were everywhere from MR buoy to breaking rocks, Weather was great all three days (7/11-7/13) and fish were around. Caught three 20-24 pounders and one 32 pounder, and lots of others around the 30-35″ range. Here’s some pics, most were caught and released, but had to keep the 32 pounder for dinner! Thx for the reports!! Fish On!

Pictures from top:
1. Left, 46″ 32lb , right 38″ 23lb bass.
2. 32″ 11lbs
3. My 32lb 46″ bass
4. 39″ 24lb
5. 37″ 22lb

-Scott Letson
Lebanon, NH


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  • captian grumpy
    Posted at 22:37h, 29 July

    it was nice of you to throw back the smaller fish to kill a bigger one.when the closer to the legal size limit the bass are the better they taste just a pointer the for the next time you harvest fish for supper.

  • Anguillaman
    Posted at 08:12h, 30 July

    Action has been real slow from shore…seems like a year for the boat guys only.

  • mike
    Posted at 09:48h, 30 July

    There are huge schools of stripers in the river right now and at night I have found them in tight to Woodbridge Island on Joppa Flats. It is tough finding big ones in the mix but there are some around however most of what I caught were small. I marked a lot of big fish in the deeper waters in front of the toothpick however had trouble hooking any cows the other night but i got plenty of action with a bunch of smaller fish. There is a lot of bait around and if you head out during the day Mackeral should be easy to catch whether you are heading out for tuna or gonna use them for stripers. The Salisbury side of the river for the surf casters has been the hot side and I havn’t heard as good of reports coming from Plum Island. The dredging of the mouth of the Merrimac River has changed the Mouth and caused the Salisbury side to produce more stripers this year. Earlier in the week we caught some decent striped bass trolling in front of the beach in close in about 12ft of water

    There was a big Tuna bite out at Long Ledge and the Outside Flag but this has started to be a tough area to fish bait because the dogfish have rolled in. Some tuna fisherman made a couple moves the other day and all produced dogfish. The dogs are even making it tough for the draggers to get fresh bait, they are pulling up nets full of dogs.

    This has been a great season for flounder, and they continue in big numbers out front of the mouth in about 30 feet of water. Sea Worms on a spreaders are producing al ot of them.

    Crossroads Bait and Tackle

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