July 30, hot and rainy

July 30, hot and rainy

Sorry we’ve been offline for a few days. Your admin was scoping out Martha’s Vineyard in preparation for the Derby. ($55 bucks for an entry this year! At least you get a hat and a pin.)

As it turns out, things have been pretty slow according to Kay. For instance, the only fish weighed in since Sunday have been an 8lb and 19lb bass. Considering we weighed in a number of 25lb+ fish last week, this has been a real change. There are bluefish in the river mouth but haven’t heard of much in the surf. The water temperature is pretty high in the river, 74 degrees in the flats, and that tends to shut down the fish. It’s the end of July and not unheard of. Soon the bait will be dropping out of the marsh and things in front will perk up. Dare I say it’s only about 4-6 weeks till the Fall run?


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