July 5 Pics

July 5 Pics

Chris Johnson

Went down and got my bait from you guys and as always you take care of me and my son. Here’s how we did!

Salisbury beach
Incoming tide
Goffstown NH
34 inches

Steve Zella

What’s up man? Thanks in advance for posting people’s pictures of their catch in the Surfland Bait and Tackle Gossip section…it’s Awesome. We get so much great service, treatment, and fishing advice from your staff! My son Stephen caught this absolute “hog” of a striped bass using clams out on the Mouth of the Merrimack sand bar fishing 45 degrees into the river from the far east corner of the sandbar at dead low tide! We found it very key to walk the rod far into the river and then cast out far ….It started slow but once the tide hit dead low…we started crushing them…we caught four in one hour! Two schoolies and two big boys! Below is a picture of the 47 inch big boy that Stephen reeled in by himself! We’re going to keep hitting that spot – it’s a gem of spot! It was a great night out there last night!

David Hadden and Steve Kerns

Hey Stickman,
Hope summer is going well. Hope to fish with Jim C at some point but seems
similar to skiing tastes only when bluebirds or corn or both .. .ha ha …

David Hadden and I fly fishing last few days out front … as I like to say released 150 pounds before 7:30 and when out just before dawn.

Happy 4th …

Stephen Kerns


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