JUNE 20 – That F@*+ING LURE

JUNE 20 – That F@*+ING LURE

Matt Camilliere…..becoming the fisherman like his dad, or should we say……………..surpassing his dad. These guys hit the surf early early Thursday casting plugs. These tight lipped fisherman don’t say much, but they certainly put their time in. And I guess father has taught son well this time. Matt caught this 40 pounder on a…….yes I don’t even need to say it……….lure!!


But, other lures do work. Here’s Craig from Surfland that was out on Joppa & the Salisbury side of the river yesterday morning. He got this C & R on a Sub Walk Rapala. Joppa and the Sailsbury side are both producing fish on lures, tubes, and some bait. We’ve got the perfect tides this weekend for fishing Joppa early so I hope you can take advantage of it!


We also had fish taken on mackerel this week. Now if  you are a boater can get up before the crack of dawn, find the macks, and then live line the river mouth you are doing well. But as some of you know, live mackerel is hard to find. And for us, fresh mackerel is even harder. So here are some pictures of fish taken on live mackerel as well as chunk macks the last few days.

6/19 Russell Neher – Boat – Live macks – 20 & 15 pounders


6/19 Mark Rennie – Surf – River – Chunk Mack – 14 lbs. – Dead low tide in the river.


6/20 – Steve Mangion – Boat -mackerel – 13.4 lbs


Again, I am sorry to have nothing much to report on the flounder situation. Have only heard of a few here and there. Maybe when high tide is a bit later in the day next week we will see something. Here’s hoping!


Liz Cowie
  • PI Surf Rat
    Posted at 20:43h, 24 June

    Nice 40lber! Too bad it was killed just for a silly Surfland B&T photo. Better off released in my opinion but to each of their own.

  • Bob nardone
    Posted at 20:21h, 02 July

    Do you have someone killing your FOOD for you or dont you EAT

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