JUNE 21 – The Summer Blues

JUNE 21 – The Summer Blues

So the last few days have been kind of slow from the fast and furious action we had at the beginning of the week. Was it all the fresh water that came down river with the rains? Maybe. A lot of fishermen were commenting on how dirty the water was, even at 3 miles out the river mouth (now that is a current!). But today we did have Greg Ardine  come in to the shop. Greg has been coming to Plum Island to fish for 20 years and today was his day! His first “keeper”. Boy is that fish going to taste goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

(on a side note: we also weighed in a 36 pounder yesterday that was pulled from a boat in the mouth of the river. Or so they said??)

Greg with his 11-8 pounder



Now………. We received this photo just this afternoon. Gary Fouquart called to tell us:

“There back !!!!  Got into a wolf pack of these . Mixed in with some nice bass.”

Gary was fishing from his boat out front of us at the center of the beach. Probably on the other side of the mound of sand out there!

Bluefish 6.21.13

Get out those trolling lures!!!

Liz Cowie
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