JUNE 24-29 Shop Report

JUNE 24-29 Shop Report

Going to start this weeks picture with a pretty face, not the usual fisherman’s mug. Amy from Boston. Amy Cheng weighed in this 11-8 pounder that she caught out of a boat with the Aham brothers (former and current stellar employees of the shop) on June 23rd. Lure of choice was a soft plastic.


We also have these two from our board that we wanted to post:

Kent was in the shop, bought a Hopkins lure, walked to the beach front by us and with in the hour was back with this 15-5 that he caught!

Dave & Andy caught theirs from a boat off of Crane’s Beach using mackerel


Then yesterday we had a mom bring in her son andย  his friends to go fishing.ย  Her son didn’t get a fish but one of his friends did! Michael Cruz, an 11 year old from Rollinsford NH caught this 14-12 pounder from the surf using clams! Way to go Michael! And Mom, thanks for bringing the boys fishing. Great way to spend the day outdoors.


Now, the week has been hot and cold. The rain hasn’t helped much, but in between the thunder storms and downpours we have seen action off and on. Mostly it has been the night fishing. Some of the workers from the shop have hit the oceanfront this week using live eels at night. One night the catch 20 fish all in the range of 15-20 pounders. The next nothing. Long time friend Tommy Costa came down Thursday night, hit the beach with some eels and said “bam”, three hits right in a row. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tails slapping, fish feeding. Psyched! Was here last night. Nothing! ๐Ÿ™ Hmmmm…………….go figure. So I guess, it is a matter of being in the right spot at the right time.

Have heard of a few bluefish also, but nothing to get to worked up about.

Also flounder. If you have a boat, then we suggest, out the mouth along the oceanfront tin about 30 feet of water. That is what we are being told.

Here’s to having the rain let up, or maybe not depending on your preferences, and getting out there and FISH!




Liz Cowie
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